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How was your experience using the Capacity Building Tool? Was it easy for you to understand and use? Were you able to access the resources you needed once you completed a section?”

How about the list of resources? Do you have any resources we should add to our database? Did you find what you were looking for? Please share any of your questions, ideas or issues by using the comment box below. All comments will be stored in our database and used for the future develpment of this tool.

We look forward to your feedback, as it will help us improve and expand the Capacity Building Tool!

One Response to “We want to hear from you! ”

  • Hi.

    I have just gone through the Tool once. It raised many issues for me, which will be helpful, but for our organization, which is entirely volunteer-based, many of the questions did not apply. I got the feeling that the Tool was originally for groups that provided a direct social service to the community, such as a Food Bank. I wasn’t able to translate from that view of Capacity to our streamkeeper organization. About 10 years ago, before I became involved, the group hired a coordinator. It was a disaster. I understand there were disagreements between the coordinator and the volunteers, and it ended up with issues with Revenue Canada.

    Are there other streamkeeping groups that have already signed on to the Stewardship Centre?

    How can another member of our group go through the Tool so we can compare our understanding of our levels?

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